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On June 8, 2015, the theme of "10 years of get jordans cheap grateful you and I" group of ten best basketball shoes anniversary conference held in quanzhou production base, group leaders and the production base, director of the above staff attended the meeting. The meeting to review nike shop clearance development course of the past decade, to have been in their respective positions of hard work and selfless dedication tongren thank and encouragement.
During the meeting, President Laurent delivered an important speech, and the group's future development future generous vision with good planning. Laurent, delivered an important speech, President Laurent for retro air jordan 11 ten anniversary, also at the conference's speech: "to this day I still remember in accordance with the norm of the company has just established, the facilities are not very perfect. At that time, though there is a hard life for a short period, but work is happy, because we are the President of the young, fashion, energetic and full of ambition and ideal, he let us enjoy good jobs and businesses around the best level of treatment.
Group under the where to find cheap jordans strategic operations, continue to grow stronger, employees at all levels and the 'down-to-earth, deduce special' professional ability of the management idea of rapid ascension. President to thank for our continuous growth and progress, and give jordans shoes pictures more greater responsibility to show loyalty and value of life. "
"Jordan" brand saga continues. On February 23, 2012, the United States basketball superstar Michael Jordan announced a lawsuit, accused cheap jordan backpacks in the case of unauthorized abused its name and image, mens nike clearance counterclaim, Michael Jordan, recently, its reputation and stop the infringement Wholesale shoes claims 8 million. Analysts believe that 23 jordan back move aimed at opening its IPO pathway, clear the way for listing. However, the market changed. 2012 sneakers industry suffered from multiple cold snap, as domestic sports brand founder cheap authentic jordans wholesale losses in 2 billion, almost all sneakers are lost as the secondary market, under such a background, if Pleaser shoes white listed, will invest into a nightmare?
Counterattack: where can i get cheap jordans claim air 8 million, Sketchers shoes with memory foam late last month formally charged, Michael Jordan, clothing, Saturday in decline more than 40%. To increase the larger part of the sneakers, images of jordans shoes sneakers decline also far large plate, etc. To this, many industry insiders exclaimed: travel industry is facing unprecedented development "cold winter". Observation: don't let Jordan into investment "nightmare" in the face of poor market conditions, as the industry leading cheap real air jordans free shipping and peak are busy themselves, there is a market that once Jordan sneakers for kids sneakers, or investors will become a nightmare. Buy cheap retro jordans successfully will be more than a year, now still can't listed. Last winter sports goods industry, domestic sports brand, facing the depth adjustment, sneakers decline in prices, the business lead to the domestic garment industry bosses wealth. Data show that domestic sports brand in the industry leading Shoes Size Chart Conversion2012 years losses of $1.979 billion, according to the results, in the first half of 2012 jordan retro 4 for kids net profit fell 85% to $060 million, when the company issued a profit warning at the end of last year, is expected to appear listed losses for the first time in eight years, and today's earnings more than previous market expectations of $1.09 billion in losses.
Company shoes prices also fell, according to Thomson Reuters data shows that Online Shoes Stores sneaker prices today April 10 years led to a 86% decline at the peak of hk $31.95. From 13 jordan shoes sneakers instruction of financial data is not hard to find, as of the first half of 2011, cheap real jordans for sale inventory is 199 million yuan, total assets inventory accounted for 7.43% up to 7.43% by the end of 2010. The sensitive sportswear industry as a popular trend in inventories, will increase the pressure of company wreck. This performance, is undoubtedly a huge mines, buried the huge investment risk. "Bear a crown of" world travel market in 2012, the frequent emergence of "first listed, then losses" sneakers "land mines", there is no doubt a huge shock to investors. Under the conditions of the travel industry recession, Prada Sneakers 2011 listed, will become the investment's nightmare, still to be market inspection.

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